aziza testimonial taraOk girls! Here it is!! IT WAS FANTASTIC, INCREDIBLE, UNBELIEVABLE AND HOT!!!! I don't know where to start!!! We had so much fun! The food was delicious, the workshops where really interesting ( we had technique, a choreography, bollywood, taksim, improvisation, shimmys, jazz from the 30's, analysis of the non verbal expressions of the dancers and a workshop on the stage fright... I could talk to you for hours about all of those workshops. We naught like crazy, we went zilling trough the forest, we had games (dream camp olympics), we went swimming to the lake etc...

Aziza was great as always. She gave us her 110% and more. We got to know her and what a great and sensible woman she is! She is really what she seem to be. Eric, her husband was there also to take care of us and always being aware of our needs. He was so great and really funny to!!

Quebec has been under a really hot and humid heat wave so we had weather like 40 to 43 degrees and they where adjusting the schedule so that we could go swim or take a break. And we had Popsicle breaks very often also!! It helped a lot!

We had video night witch was great and a bedazzling night. We where suppose to have bonfire night but because of the weather we could not, it was too dangerous but we found some other things to do.

The group was great and we all went along. I met some wonderful people and I'm defenetely going to be there next year! It's worth every penny! We where treated like queens!! ;)

All I have to say for my experience is all positive and that I would have taken another week! We all cried when we left...

If you have any questions... don't hesitate. I could brag about it all day...

Hope to see some of you next year!

Tara Aumond


francesca dreamcamp testimonialFrom the minute you arrive at Aziza Dreamcamp you know you are going to be challenged as well as have a good time. Aziza and her husband Eric have created a wonderful and supportive environment. From the beautiful scenery to the wonderful food the stage is set to expand your creativity and pursue your passion of the dance. Aziza is a beautiful dancer and a wonderful teacher. Her style is intensely focused but with a dose of compassion and of course a lot of laughter. The schedule is paced so that you can learn the presented material, bond with the other dancers and share experiences, and still have time for fun and silliness. I feel that I have grown as a person and a dancer and I plan on making next year my 3rd time at Dreamcamp!

Francesca Palermo